Holidays 2009, Day One

We are at my moms 500 sq foot, one bedroom apartment so last night we all slept in the living room, which didn't turn out too bad actually.

Observation 1: City noises. I had forgotten them, but they are there. All the time. I am surprised that they are not a heavy thing to me. I thought that might be an offensive thing, but surprisingly its not.

Observation 2: Walking and seeing other people walking. Last night we walked along the river, where my mom's place is located. They are doing some really nice development work down here and there were lots of people out and about, walking together. There was even a small flamenco dance class for any who wanted to join in. It was good to be among other strangers again.

Observation 3: We are generally homebodies but I can see that our holidays will need to be about leaving the field. That's mostly because we live where we work, and when we play where we live, it's like playing where you work, and though work can occasionally be playful, your work and your play should be separate.

Anyway, the Saskatoon Exhibition parade is starting in 25 minutes through downtown, which means its going past near here, and I want to be there. Everybody loves a parade, even if I have to drag them there. Then later we'll get together with family and celebrate my birthday with a BBQ.

Looks like day one will be fun.


  1. Funny...I was surprised at how quiet Saskatoon was.

    All perspective, I guess. :-)

  2. And Happy Birthday to you. I'm glad you got to watch a parade on your birthday. I get the distinct impression you like parades.

  3. Happy birthday for today, young man.


    Hope you're having a good time there in Sask. Your observation about not playing in the place you work is very sensible. There is a real danger that work and non-work lives become so intermingled that it's impossible to tell the 2 apart, and then you either never stop working or you appropriate work stuff for your non-work time.

    Hope you can get some rest/quiet places this break.


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