Holidays 2009. Day Three.

Thursday, August 06, 2009
I quietly observed today that its been our story to go back to the city we last pastored in, about six to eight months after we've moved away. Thankfully this is only the fourth time it's happened, but it does happen. We seem to go back to try to find the familiar. Old friends and sights and memories, we search for them like a lady who has lost the diamond from her engagement ring looks for that precious reminder of love.

Maybe too we are looking for ourselves. We move to a new place and time and we risk loosing ourselves in the shuffle of the move. We have to be deliberate again about who we are and what we do. It's not like the old place where everybody knows your name and the fact that you love Chicago style popcorn. So maybe you go looking for who you are again, looking for clues scattered among the many memories of a certain place.

Or perhaps it's nothing more than a search for the comfort of being in a place where you are simply known.

I don't know, too many deep thoughts there for one night. But today we went back to Prince Albert for a few hours. We took Lauralea to a doctors appointment and then we met some friends for supper. It was good to see the city again and how some things had changed over the winter. It was even better to see friends with whom we share many memories.

So that's what we did on day three. It was good, and it's good to be back at moms tonight. Tomorrow we are off to Lauralea's mom and dads place.

So to those of you who are from one of our three pasts, scattered across the country, thank you for loving us and growing with us into who we have become. We couldn't have done it without you.

From a city 6 hours east of the field.


  1. Maybe you just go back because of the friends and happy memories? Or am I being too shallow.

  2. I think that going to the source of ones joy is sometimes a good thing. Sometimes we need to return in order to go forwards.

    Goodnight Randall...


  3. It was good to have one more evening with you guys. It's been so nice to see you guys every month or so since February. I will miss that. And email me a few pictures of the night when you get home. I meant to bring my camera since that was likely the last evening we'll have with everyone as well. Safe travels today.


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