And............. we're back

and tired, so I'm going to quickly do what I have to do here at the office before tomorrow, and get home and sleep.

But before I do that,

I get the opportunity to marry people and each wedding is so different. What is the most humbling and the most teary eyeing thing of just about each and every wedding, is when the bride and groom make their vows to one another. You see I get to stand there, I am the closest to the couple as they make these huge promises that God only know how they will play out. But in that moment, in that slice of time a vow is made to another human being that is so huge that it has eternal implications. It is a promise with your life that you make and as such it is a most holy moment in time.

And I get to stand there and witness these vows. I get to look into their eyes and see their hearts, nervous, excited, hopeful, pleased, its all there.

And todays wedding was, great. The bride and groom were themselves and that came out in the ceremony and the vows which they had written themselves. Sometimes couples stand there completely oblivious to their surroundings, or sometimes they are distracted by the ring bearer making noise. Sometimes they have taken some meds to calm down or they just had a argument with a mom who wanted it done her way.

But not today. This couple was so present, they lived each moment like a rare gift. They grabbed the opportunity to make their vows like a starving man grabs the food put before him. Their eyes were full and smiling the whole time and it was a delight to be a part of their day.

Yes my children, real true love does exist. No, it's not easy and often it can be messy, and the work required for it can be great and the cost, greater. But love still happens out there. It still grows in the darnedest places, amazing and surprising people along the way. But as long as people are willing to commit and work hard at it, real love will continue to grow and flourish, all over the place.

Days like today give me hope for marriage. A little bit of commitment and some hard work and you'd be surprised what can grow.

Now, back to my prep for tomorrow and to bed.

Night, from the Field again.

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