It's September 4th today

Friday, September 04, 2009
And that can mean only one thing, that it's Johanna's Birthday today.

22 years ago she made her official entrance into our lives and we really haven't been the same since.

From her first shocking mouth gaging poop when we brought her home, to her willingness to listen when we said some things were to look at and not to touch, to her convincing her kindergarden teacher that she could play the piano and she did so for the school assembly which we wouldn't have heard about except for her teacher calling us so we went and stood at the back of the gym in amazement, to her dramatic appearances in Prince Albert productions or her singing of the national anthem at her high school for grad, or her learning to drive, through stop signs, or her ability with the french language, or her heading off to Bible College convinced and proved right that God would pay her way, or her traipsing off to Switzerland to be an au pair for a year, or her moving out to the coast to live three hours away from this boy that she liked and creating a whole life for herself out there, getting married to this great Wisconsin (I refrain from calling him a cheesehead) boy she loved with the wedding in Prince Albert, to now moving into management as a Customer Service Supervisor for a multinational company...

Deep breath.

Everybody should have a chance to have a child like her.

Happy Birthday Johanna.
Hope you have a great day, and do something fun this weekend.

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