Just Another Sunset

Every sunset, like each snowflake or each rose, is unique in the world.

Each dependent on the qualities of space, and weather patterns, clouds, time of day, time of year, or the ground cover that go in to it's creation.

And each sunset, when stacked against the sunset yesterday night and the night before that, and the night before that, and so on, begins to be absorbed into the daily fabric of life. Absorbed, assumed, unrecognized.
So that on any given evening, you could miss stunning beauty, exquisite hues, brilliant colours.

Like piles and piles of snowflakes that you have to shovel to get your car free.
Or fields and fields of flowers that you need to harvest yourself so you can sell them so your family can eat.

It is a good practice to occasionally stop and recognize the beauty, and if you know there is a God, then you have someone to communicate gratitude to, and your heart can soar.

And if you believe in God the even more humbling thought is that that he creates things of amazing beauty, not just for us, but because that is his nature. He creates life and beauty where there is none. Not to have anyone say "Isn't he amazing," but just because that's who he is.

And that makes me smile.



  1. Beautiful pictures. I like the one with the leaves in front of the church too. That is one beautiful field you live in. :)

  2. I like what you help me remember here - that God has created beauty because that's just how he is.

    And this picture makes me appreciate that.


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