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Friday, September 18, 2009
Today I saw an old chiropractor we used to see occasionally when we lived here in Prince Albert, Lauralea had booked me in and I grudgingly went.

He was good. He worked me through an assortment of tests, and at the end of it he sat me down and said, "Well, looks like you have a sore back." Yeah, good sense of humour this guy has.

Then he proceeded to show me on a naked skeleton the point of trouble. L2 S5 I believe it was. Bulging disk.

He did a great job of explaining it to me, and gave me some things to try to easy the pain, and with a good turn of things, maybe the bulging will push back into where it is suppose to be, rather than pressing on the nerve that leads down my leg.

That's about the clearest explanation I've discovered yet and it makes sense. But like he said, bottom line? You've got a sore back Friesen. It may ease up, it may not.

But now I have a few things to try to help.

And for those of you contacting me for a short visit or connection, sorry I was only in Saskatoon for a few hours, and tomorrow right after this wedding I'm heading home. Big pig roast for our first day of Sunday School... Hey, if you live in the area, come join us for Church and a pig, Sunday morning at 11 am.


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  1. the Pig sounds like it was good.
    makes my weekend pale in comparison.

    just been told my dad has bought me a motorbike (i'm 47 this year) and that is is in his garage.


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