This week on Twitter 2009-09-02

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

  • Back from the Doctor. I'll probably live. Well, until I die, one day. #

  • Heading home. Deacon meeting completed. Tired. #

  • The smell of good coffee and new books is intoxicating. Guess where I am. #

  • Saw on truck bumper sticker "I'm not Canadian, I'm Albertan". You see what I have to work with??? :) #

  • We are about to be over run with little people for our VBS Country Fair. Hang on for the ride. #

  • Cool, it's a Peter Sellers obscure film day on TCM. Glad I'm pretty much ready for tomorrow. #

  • It's a hot one today, hotter still in my office where I am working on the paperwork for this Canada Revenue review on my taxes. Yeah, HOT. #

  • It's going to be a hot one today. Looks like people are gathering next door, better get a move on. #

  • Feel kinda like a truck hit me. But I'm gonna wait to go to bed till a proper time, like 8pm, so as to not spoil my sleep tonight. #

  • To town to get errands done and food bought. Guests arriving in the field today. #

  • A quick lunch then back to the field. #

  • The day is half over already and it's going up to 29C today. What manner of September is this? #

  • I realize it's midnight and I'm in bed but I could eat a chicken Cesar right about now. That's not good. #

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