This week on Twitter 2009-09-09

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

  • I hate getting the new guy for my hair cutter. I haven't had a good cut in a looooong time. Dang. #

  • Ok I'm officially done with this heat. And the hundreds of small flies that get through the screens and buzz and bite and get into the food. #

  • Hopefully got the tax audit thing done right. Faxed it in and told em to leave me alone already. Sheesh. #

  • Anyone know where the local hospital is in Ponoka? I'm heading there now and I need directions. #

  • Ponoka is a nice small town. We should buy a little house there for weekend getaways to civilization. Like a cabin at the lake only reverse. #

  • Harvesting malt barley. Helps making beer. #

  • Harvesting malt barley. Helps making beer. #

  • Watching Band of Brothers, disk one, part one with the guys. My birthday gift from them. #

  • Band of Brothers. Amazing, realistic, heartwrenching, disturbing, human, triumphant, sorrowful, desperate, moving. Unlike reg tv or movies. #

  • I realize it may not look it but we are at the mall getting back 2 school clothes #

  • Still at it... #

  • Heading north with 2 kids and their earthly posessions. 4 hours left to go. #

  • I'm sleeping in the guys dorm tonight and Lauralea packed a kitten sheet for me to use. Hope no guys pass my door. My rep couldn't take it #

  • I'm up and groggy. Going to be a long day I think. #

  • Running around Grande Prairie with Hillary... Printer ink, wall mirror, hemp store... Hemp Store?? #

  • And so we leave them to God and the future once again. #

  • Stat holiday today, I think we are off to explore the town of Ponoka a bit. Find a used book store and coffee shop and whatever else we can. #

  • Lunch at a "English Pub" and they had no english beer. Nachos and pop for lunch then. #

  • Band of Brothers, Part Four - Replacements. Just Micah and I tonight. No Thomas. #

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