Working Today

Monday, September 14, 2009
I confess it's nice to be working today. I don't know if that's a great moral failure or me living into my good mennonite work ethic, but it's, nice.

It's nice because this week is very full, including doing a wedding in Saskatchewan this weekend, and being back here for our Sunday School startup this Sunday, which is going to be a blast I think.

It's nice because Lauralea's off picking another three or four boxes of apples, (yes, this time a different variety, I know...) to process into some more apple surprises. So I'm back at work getting some more things done.

It's nice I suppose because it does distract from the distant reality that we don't have three or four little preschoolers around any longer so we won't be going to the Zoo any longer on our day off for a picnic.

It's nice because sometimes a day off just looks like Lauralea and I wondering around waiting for the next day to start so we can get back in the swing of things.

It's nice because really, what does a day off look like in the work that we do. I mean really. I don't say that begrudgingly AT ALL, but it's often the nature of the work that it's simply more of a lifestyle deal or calling than it is a nine to five or an eleven to eight. You moms have a better understanding of this than the rest of us. You don't get time off from being mom. Ever. Just how it is when you live with your work, and your work is your life, their life.

Besides, it's quiet out here on the field today. The windows are open and the surprisingly hot September air is blowing into my office. The flies are buzzing, the birds are singing and I hear the cows mooing, and autumn feels like months away.

But back to today. A wedding to plan, a Sunday School curriculum to prep, a pastors and spouse retreat to plan, sermon series to finalize, board meetings in Chicago to think through, and people to pray for. Not bad for a Monday.


  1. Lifestyle calling.

    Oh yes.

    I'm struggling with bitterness tonight having had it suggested I'm not doing something so that I can rest from it for a while. Something I only did once or twice a week for a couple of hours. I'm struggling to try to believe someone is hearing God when I think they're just controlling and won't work with people they can't control. I expect neither picture is true, but the reality is a blend of both POV.

    Yup, it's sure good to be able to work at the calling you've received and know that's what you're doing. Keep going feller, and God bless you in it.

  2. Sounds like the rock and the hard place time for you guy.

    Sometimes group discernment is lame and unclear, but boy sometimes it's just what's needed for clarity, and keeping individuals from ending up manipulating life.

    So many bits and pieces I catch of your life these days Toni. How I'd love a couple of hours around your dinner table, just to talk and eat and drink...

  3. Randall - I'd love you guys to be here, to talk and just enjoy company where I don't feel I must watch every word. We're developing some good friendships, but I miss our church family.

    Rock and a hard plaice? Something fishy about that.


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