And now, a bit of odd musical culture for you

I'm still hack hacking snot nosed, body aching man here in the field, but I care about your musical culture dear readers.

And so for you, something on the Accordion. Yes, you heard me. The Accordion.

A friend of mine likes to ask; "What happens if you leave your accordion in the back seat while you park your car in New York?"

"You come back an hour later and there are five more accordions in your back seat!"

Bu-dum ching.

But how about Vivaldi's Winter?
Now that's culture.

Hold on to your seats and enjoy.


  1. That was pretty fabulous - especially considering that it was an accordion. I suppose it has been one of my least favorite instruments. Pretty whiny when played by a regular player, imho.

    Funny though, I attended a dental student gala evening and one of the first year students provided part of the entertainment - played his accordion. He also was very good. Not as good as this kid though.

  2. Well,Mr. Randy! That kid was fab! Now I realize that not not everyone cares for an accordian, however, it is definitely NOT a third class instrument! It's a shame that some people think a "regular" player, whatever that means sounds squeaky. I would certainly hope that I don't. I see that this fellow plays a button acordian and, again, it was great. Thanks for playing it.

  3. Awesome! Made that thing sound like a freaking pipe organ! 'Course, I like a well played accordion... and bagpipes... might be some Celtic gene from somewhere over yonder...

  4. let's not forget the musical genius of Weird Al and his accordian! My brother once decided he wanted to give it a try - it's alot harder than you might think to play!

  5. Zydeco and Cajun music are heavy on the accordian - good stuff. Though I must say I'm not a huge fan of the polka sound.


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