From my sickbed

Monday, October 19, 2009
Day 4 of This Great Illness and I remember why I don't often get sick, because it's so dang nasty.

This is the flu. Some major messy mind numbing flu.

I remember doping up and getting through the service yesterday, and I thought things were getting better but I was rushing things aparently.

My good nurse took to bed in the guest room (so as not to get this thing) around 8 this morning and she's still fast asleep in there. Hope she's not next.

So you who are waiting for emails from me, wait patiently.

Coughing, hacking, hurting, and rolling back over.


  1. I feel your pain ! Just roll back under the bedcovers until it passes (which might take a while). It's OK to be human you know....

  2. We'll remember you tomorrow morning.

  3. Have you started 'oinking' yet, or is this the 'ordinary' variety?

    Hope you slept well and feel a bit better today.

  4. Take care and get well quickly. I'm sure your nurse will take good care of you.


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