Letters from Banff. One.

Well it's been an amazing time so far in terms of caring for people and doing some pastoral work.

The gathering of young church leaders this weekend at Kingsfold was really good. They came ready to do the work and invest their time and energy in the weekend. I had a chance to hear some powerful stories of God at work in people's lives, leading forward into the future. He is on the move out there.

Yesterday I drove out to Banff where I am involved in interviews all day today. It's very humbling to listen to peoples stories and see how God has led them forward into ministry opportunities. Actually recharges my spirit.

Tonight the official pastors and spouses retreat begins and while I am sort of the buck stops here guy, I am trying to let different people lead the different parts they are gifted at, so less of me in the way. And more I can hang with Lauralea too.

Which reminds me she should be here very soon.

Hope your week goes well too.

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