This week on Twitter 2009-10-07

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

  • I've got meeting hangover this morning, but I got up anyway because the water guy is going to be here about an hour ago. i feel gross. #

  • Yes, I have just turned on the furnace in my office. And in other news a pig just flew past my window. #

  • A long hot bath to think and pray the day away, and now I'm eating Special K cereal with red bits in it. My hands are like prunes. Cool. #

  • Listening to Chicago radio. What a shocker, no Olympics. #

  • In a toilet in a church in Calgary & I haven't seen these since grade school. #

  • Made it out to Kingsfold retreat center #

  • Oh no it isn't. The view from my window. #

  • Ok. That's a bit better. #

  • Snowing. Driving to Banff. Been in the mountains 3 days and still haven't seen them. #

  • I guess half a mountain is better than no mountain at all. #

  • Supper done, sauce on my papers, heading back into cold wind to hotel to finish reading. #

  • Um the candy store on the way back. Let's call it dessert. #

  • Lunch break. 45 minutes. #

  • Loooooooooooong meetings over. Lauralea should be here soon. Retreat awaits. #

  • Worship #

  • Supper at a Swiss Restaurant - Raclette #

  • And now, the Fondue #

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