The annual receiving of the church Christmas tree from the heavens.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And the guys early prayer group was suddenly entrusted with this great responsibility this year.

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  1. I am honestly trying to figure out the logistics for this worthy action. If a real tree, why would they take it up to the balcony and then lower it? If an artificial one, do they store it up there?

    And then even more importantly - why is Christmas approaching at such an alarming speed this year?

  2. That was my thought...WHY?! Isn't the sanctuary on the main floor? Can it not be stored ANYWHERE on the main floor?

    I'm sure catching a hastily descending, highly flammable, fake wonder-shrub is a great Christmas tradition, but the logic here escapes me.

    Enquiring minds want to know....

  3. Seems that's how its done here in the field.

    No, there is NO room to store the thing on the main floor, so they store it up in the balcony, put together.

    Course our having a fake tree here in this place is making some of our worship designers crazy.


    But it was a fun thing to do at 7:15 am.

  4. I'm wondering how complicated it was to just carry it down the's not that I recall. Well, at least you had fun!

  5. ok...what are you guys doing at 6am

  6. I believe that this is the tree that we won one year for "bigger and better". We started out with an unsharpened pencil (or something of the like) and my group traded up until we came away with this tree. If it isn't this one, then it's kicking around Malmo somewhere. I distinctly remember traveling back to the church with three girls in the back seat of a tiny car and a fully assembled christmas tree in our laps. You may wonder, did we win the game? Well I should think so...

  7. Well, I wouldn't doubt that it's the same tree. Seems about this time of year that the tree decorators start to think it would be good to get a better tree, then run out of time and just toss this one down from the balcony once again.



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