Big big game today

Sunday, November 29, 2009
Well today is the big day for Canadian Football, it's Grey Cup Sunday. And millions will be watching the game tonight.

As it goes, my Saskatechewan Roughriders have earned an opportunity to play the Montreal Alloets for the title of national champions.

I have been a rider fan for as long as I can remember, and for rider fans, it's not just a game, it's something more.

So Rider fans are a little different you might say. They are committed to their only professional sports team, like the hardy people of the land that they are.

So today I'll be cheering for them and see if they can pull off a huge upset over Montreal.

Whatever the outcome, it'll be a good day because the one thing Rider fans know and have learned is that there always is next year.

Go Riders.


  1. Well, are we going to get the pastor's take on the game?!

  2. Well, the game ended how I thought it would, but to loose it on the last play, well that was really tough.

    Think of it this way, Montreal won most of their games this year, they did the hard work of getting better over time, and they've been to this dance 6 times already. Their older quarterback has had what was it, 26 playoff games in his life.

    Saskatchewan hasn't won nearly as many games this year and has a learning, growing, young team. Their quarterback has had like 23 professional starts in his whole life, and only two playoff starts.

    So while I would have loved for Sask to win, it would have been a win because Montreal didn't show up to play, which was what the first half was about.

    Besides, there are things you can learn in the failures of life that you simply can never learn anyplace else. These young guys will learn from this and it will make them better players.

    They'll be back to this dance again, and soon. What they are building in Sask is a long term, solid organization that will compete at professional levels for years to come.

    Right now they are good, but they are going to be great.

  3. Oooh, and I like how your comments have a big number showing which one they are. That's classy.

  4. So that's the logic of Riders fans...

    "Maybe next year we'll win. If we're lucky. Maybe. But then, by gosh, we will be great!"

  5. I just hope that no-one tarnishes the reputation of Rider fans by dumping a load of manure in the driveway of the 13th man, like someone did when Paul McCallum missed his field goal attempt a few years ago.


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