Chocolate Anyone? (Women Only)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Tonight a bunch of the gals (I feel so 1970's when I use that term) from the church got together for a Chocolate party. That's right, a party to celebrate one of the good things in life, friendships. You thought I'd say chocolate didn't you? It was a night for connection and catching up with old friends and maybe make a new one or two. The excuse to gather was to eat chocolate. Hard chocolate, soft chocolate, whatever your choice. I believe there was also going to be a fountain of chocolate.

Many churches are often about don't and shouldn't, and give much energy to helping you not to touch. Or do, or be. We don't have many parties to celebrate the great grace we enjoy and relationships we can have, because of Jesus.

I gotta believe Jesus just has a good evening being with a bunch of laughing visiting, chocolate eating daughters of his.

Those are some of the good and gracious memories everyone should have of their church lives. Its too bad that we remember the hard times easier.

Parties. Not just for Christmas any longer.


  1. I shouldn't go ... but I definitely would go! Chocolate and friends - irresistible!

  2. Now that's my kind of party! YUM!

  3. It was sooo worth the calories. What a great idea and a fun time to visit and Indulge.

  4. and apparently it was good for my blood pressure too! ;)


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