Is it so bad to be secretly glad there isn't any snow yet?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
…I mean when I'm praying with people and they are praying for snow and I'm OK with our need for snow but I'm also glad not to have to fight with it in the mean time.

I'm kinda pumped that there isn't any snow yet.

How far can we go, without snow?


  1. I am also (but not so secretly) happy about the lack of snow. I would be thrilled to have a brown Christmas, but I doubt it will hold out for that long!

  2. I would be happy with 2.5 inches of light fluffy snow that comes down gently with no wind and I am also fine if it waits till Dec. 22 at 5pm to arrive.

    Think my order is reasonable?

  3. No rain would be nice in these parts.....some hope.

  4. ...could we order snow for everywhere but the roads, sidewalks and driveways???? I'd like driving in it, or worrying about others driving in it (like my kids), no shoveling either. One can dream...


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