Anyone have a 7 seat van??

Yep, we made it through The Day well enough, and now I'm eating an orange and eggnog for boxing day breakfast.

And I'm thinking about Monday when all seven of us want to hit the city for the day but 7 won't fit in the Crown Vic.

So I figured I'd ask, anyone in the area up for swapping a crown Vic for a 7 passenger vehicle for the day on Monday?

Give me a call. 780-352-8113

And a Happy Boxing Day to you.


  1. Don't forget that we did drive out here... i figured we'd just take 2 vehicles.

  2. Ok you're sitting in the room across from me. You could have looked up and said that in real time.

    But it's ok, phone calls have come.

  3. Actually, I was in the bathroom on my cell phone at the time, so no, I couldn't have said that to you in real time.

  4. and we had one sitting in our driveway...


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