Notes on going and living well.

I'm on the road again tomorrow morning, early. I'm heading to Calgary to be with the intentional community we are trying to build down there and I'm really looking forward to it because they are good people to be with and it's the part of my work that I love the most.

But it's going to be cold. Very very cold. The schools have just announced closure for tomorrow and when they close, well, it's really cold outside. The hope is that Calgary is warmer and the further south I get, the warmer it should be, so I should be alright.

I'll be there for two days, then Thursday I'm doing a service at a care home in Wetaskiwin, which should be alright. Friday is our open house and by Saturday the kids should be starting to arrive home.

* * *

Momentum seems to be pushing us headlong towards Christmas, whether we are ready or not.
You know, the parties, the food, the pressure to produce your yearly christmas letter or knit all your kids an afghan each. Christmas specials to watch, perfect gifts to buy for your office secret santa party, and snow to shovel and cold to live through. You know, the pressures of the season.

Maybe this is a good time to remember what's important and to give yourself and those you love a break this Christmas. Do the things that are important, really important to you and those you love. Make some good memories, chill a bit, impress those who will be around you for a long time.

In other words, give yourself and those who love you a good christmas.
Now is the time to start. It's not too late.

Night, and stay warm out there.
The Field.

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  1. Trying to give those around you is one of the pressures, at least in the UK. The perception is to do all those things or they and you miss out. It's tricky getting the balance between celebrating with joy and the family and just fulfilling every demand to meet, greet and spend.


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