Rosebud Alberta

Saturday, December 12, 2009
The town of Rosebud here in Alberta is a bit of an odd prairie town on the edge of the mountains. It has become somewhat of a cultural destination because of it's drama school and it's big productions it puts on all year round. The whole town seems geared towards this creative expression.

Rosebud Alberta

You arrive in town and walk over to the old mercantile store for your meals and then off you go to the "Opera House" for an evening of good theatre. We've been hearing a good deal about it since we've been here.

Road Trip to Rosebud

So yesterday it was time to go with some friends, to see Christmas in Wales from the Dylan Thomas story.

Christmas In Wales

What an amazing job they did too. Such good quality work, out there in the boonies.
As it turned out, a friend of ours was playing one of the main parts too, Steve Waldschmidt. I've never seen him at work, but it's a truly amazing thing to see.

The weather wasn't great, but we got home safely.
Dodgy weather & roads

Now I need to go and reread Dylan Thomas story of A Child's Christmas in Wales.

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  1. We were there on Thursday ... it was pretty fun! Although the group we were with didn't find it so entertaining ... they prefer the "drunken stuper" kind of Christmas party. Oh well, fortunate for us ... I guess!


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