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Sunday, December 20, 2009
Have I told you that 2 of the 4 missing kids are already home? I haven't? Well Hillary and Thomas arrived on Friday and things are plumping up here at the house nicely.

Made it through our open house on Friday, and it went well. Just under 60 attended, so that's alright. And we made it through this mornings service, Carol Sunday, and the evening kids christmas concert. Now I'm deep into planning the Christmas Eve service, and then work on next Sundays service, so that I can chill on Christmas Day.

The work is full right now, and steady, and things are mostly ok. Much better emotionally than we were last year, that's for sure. But Lauralea has been caught by a bad bronchial infection that causes her to cough and choke and sinus infection and on and on. It also means she isn't sleeping, which she needs. And for whatever reason, my pain is really present since Friday. I did some heavy lifting and walking which I'm guessing wasn't a great idea to try, but live and learn I suppose.

I don't feel lonely this Christmas, or lost, or depressed or whatever things may be heavy. I feel, alright. As though my spirit is in an ok space. These physical things do try to grab all the attention in life though, and the surprise pain tires me out. But we're ok, I think.

Some sleep and no appointments or meetings will be good, even for a day or two. This morning I nearly slept past church though. I had set my alarm for 7:30 and I forgot to turn up the volume on it, so I never heard it. When I awoke and Lauralea wasn't beside me, I rolled over and the time was 9:30. Good grief. I got up, washed, dressed and to church in 10 minutes because I needed to make sure the coffee was on for the classes. I'm not sure how long Lauralea was going to let me sleep before she woke me up...

Tomorrow we are off to the city to do all our Christmas shopping. Yes, that said what it said. Then in the evening we are having our office party, in town I think. Since it's only Natasha and myself we thought of inviting our spouses along too. :)

That's about all the news from the field these days.



  1. Thanks for all of your work this season and all year long. Good idea on the spouse thing to the office party. Oh I will pray for you and your shopping endeavor tomorrow! Yikes. Your great and so is your wife!

  2. "Tomorrow we are off to the city to do all our Christmas shopping."

    You, sir, are a man after my own heart. Christmas eve is a bit late these days (although I HAVE done my shopping then) to get it all done.


  3. I was finished my shopping weeks fact our presents have been wrapped and under the tree for 2 weeks already, haha. But that's me, and my life is a LOT less busy than yours :)

    I work in a massage therapy clinic with 2 other girls and we did a Christmas party this year and didn't invite our spouses. We went for African food and bowling. It was a nice evening. I think it's nice to work in a small office!

  4. God is using you, and I thank Him for you! May you be encouraged this Christmas seaon, knowing that you and your family are being prayed for. Thanks for being so "real". Blessings on your family, and I hope Lauralea gets better quick! <3

  5. Someone told me that your Christmas box gift was going to be the BEST PRESENT EVER!

    I heard what it was, and I agree.

    Prepare to have your mind BLOWN.

    Only two more days 'til you find out...

  6. I am prepared and I've been practicing my smiling too so things are good to go.


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