2010-01-29 my Twitter talk

Thursday, January 28, 2010

  • Breakfast meeting over. Now to check out and get to my next meeting, at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch with the denom's VP. Interesting. #

  • Well closing in on the final moments of this trip. I'm at my gate about 2 hours before boarding time and my back is shot. #

  • Best part of Midwinter was the people. Hanging with old friends and new was great. Also had a good one day retreat in silence. Very good. #

  • In the plane. United 7530 if you want to follow along at home. Just google it. Very loud baby behind me. Ipod here we come. #

  • Ah on the ground finally. On to customs. #

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  1. Welcome home (I presume).

    "Hard Rock Cafe for lunch with the denom's VP"

    I mis-read that as 'with the demon's VIP'. Make of it what you will. ;)


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