And now we raise the tree.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Each year on the first Tuesday of the new year, early in the morning, a secret society of dark coated men gather to pray and drink their poison, then hoist the Christmas tree to the highest place in the church where it sits waiting for its next opportunity to appear. This is how traditions get started.


  1. Or rumours about the existence of obscure Canadian sects who worship trees....

  2. Ah, the fun of tearing down. We're clear too, although there are some in the village that aren't yet.

    In our first year we left the tree up 'till march or April, then opened a window (we were in the top floor) and tossed it out. It was that or spend the next week sweeping up needles from the staircase carpet. Happy, carefree times (mostly).


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