Sex after twenty five years

Saturday, January 23, 2010
Is still amazing. It still makes you roll over and mumble while catching your breath, "We have to do that more often because it's amazing." Its still the most intimate thing we share.

It's still as passionate and hungry as 25 years ago but it's not as nervous or as inexperienced as then. It's quietly confident now after the space of time and years of experience. You have become an expert on the one you love and you alone know their body and heart like no one else has ever known it. You know it through space and time and you know where to kiss and how long a touch needs to linger.

You know the hollow of the back and each curve, each rise because you've explored every inch a hundred times over. The back of the neck and each earlobe you've mapped out with your lips. All this knowledge makes love making almost effortless. It allows you to explore new delights that are yet to be discovered.

Twenty five years of only, always, the one other. Twenty five years of walking together, of committment, of no one else. That creates something unique, gracious, and amazing. Because of this, the sex too can be unique and amazing. Completely unlike anything you would experience anywhere else.

You can't get it from a one night stand. You can't get it after nine years with a few different partners. You can't even get it from being with the same person for twenty years because it only comes with time. 25 years of time.

Like other good things that improve with time, so too time can have the same effect on love.


and so very very worth it.


  1. :D

    It's not too bad after 28 years either.


    There's a lot that could be said, but we'll just draw the curtains here.

  2. You guys!

    (And I am certainly not going to give you my take on sex after 40 years. You guys will get there I'm sure!)


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