Sunday evening, blowing snow

Sunday, January 31, 2010
It's dark out there now but I know it's still snowing and blowing and shifting and well, cold. Today actually looked like a bit of a blizzard as the snow flew from the field on the other side of the road, to our little field. I suppose it's natural given it's still January, at least for a couple of more hours anyway.

This week I have to get going on some catch up work in getting our church boards up and running, and getting some opportunities rolling towards maybe seeing open doors walked through.

But I need also to reflect a bit on last week, especially the day in the mountains. Twenty some of us spent the day in a large hundred year old stone house and yard on a prayer retreat. I did discover some things there, and I need to take time to discern and pray through some of the things I think I heard.

It was good to hear, in that way again. It was good to get away, to silence and solitude. To rest and listen and talk with a director, listening together. I think it helps so much to have someone who will walk alongside you, helping you to listen and hear.

These times are deeply valuable to my own heart and life. I need them like the dirt needs the rain. And last week there were some of those moments, I just need to build more of those times into life, again.

I was reflecting yesterday that I haven't really done a good week or months fast or an extended season of prayer for a while now. Maybe it's time again.

Anyway tomorrow is another Doctors appointment with Lauralea. Hopefully we see some action soon.

But today with its blowing snow and morning spent in good worship draws to a close, so I'm off to bed.

Night from the field.

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  1. Great sermon today. I learn from examples, and the examples today were great. Have a good week, and don't work too hard. Jan


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