After a crappy night, we emerge early

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
As bedtime approached last night and we were getting done for the day, our sewage warning light suddenly came on lighting up the darkness out in the field. That means that the sewage isn't getting through the pipe to where it needs to end up, and when that happens, life backs up pretty quickly.

So I called the numbers I had for the guy who knows these things and I realized that he and his family were away for the weekend. There are a list of other names I could call too, but I am still a man and there are internal things going on when one has to call others to come solve one's problems.

So about 10:30 Micah and I manned up and headed of into the night to see what the problem was. Everything seemed to be working up until the dispersement pipe. So we started to take that apart, then the next part, then the next part until we found the problem. Sewage ice buildup inside the pipe.

By this time it's near midnight, standing out in The Field in two feet of snow at minus 14C, with a small flashlight and candle gently warming the outer edges of the pipe to get the blockages loose. Need I paint a picture of how much human shit was on me? No? I disagree, I do need to communicate that. I had human shit all over the place, all over me. I have reserved the use of the word Shit in this blog dear reader for such an occasion as this. This was possibly the first required use of the term simply because it was so deserving of the use of the word to describe the occasion. Shit.

We got the system rebuilt by sometime after midnight, and into bed after showers and laundry was done, sometime after 1:30 am. That meant that my 5:30 wake up alarm came so early this morning and I was up and off to the guys prayer time. But we totally owned that sewage system. Micah and I beat the elements and the forces of waste removal systems and we won. Now I know the parts and where they are and how it mostly all works, so I say we won.

Now I am packed and off to Calgary for two days of work.

The roads look a bit touchy and there are fog warnings out for my highways, but at least my family can wash and crap when they want to. And that a a luxury too often overlooked.


  1. You did it!!! Hurrah for you and Micah!

  2. I need to buy you a heat gun for pastor appreciation week/victory over the $|-|| 7.

    Good manning up men!

  3. In the circumstances I think use of the expression is quite permissible, and I promise not to liken you to Tony Campolo.


    Well done for pushing the poo through.

  4. It couldn't have been a pretty sight! Or smell.

  5. Make sure the heat gun is battery opperated or has a very long's way off, away from the house.

  6. You da man!!! But remember somedays you step in it and somedays you don't.

  7. Well done, both you and your trusty sidekick Micah.


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