And now, we Buzz.

We emailed, we Blogged, we Facebooked, and FriendFeeded and Tumbled, we Flickred and Twittered and Waved, and now we are asked to Buzz.

Google today released it's more sociable than email younger brother, Buzz.

Yawn, yeah a lot like the other family members Twibber and BookFace, this little "Talk closely to your contacts" feature lets you share pics and videos with them much more easily I suppose. And it invites responses that you can then respond to better than say Twitter does. But then again, it's only you, speaking into the great void, of what colour socks you put on today, or some pithy quote you found on someone else's blog.

The Sociable web seems like it's less and less sociable. Less and less people willing to listen, more and more people talking at, well nothing usually.

Will it go places this young upstart Buzz? I don't know and really I don't care. It's just nice to have a new baby in the family.

Goochie goochie goo little Buzz. Welcome to the world wide web.


  1. So, we buzz now? Maybe they're trying to find something new because Wave was the coolest thing that is essentially useless. Gmail is cool and maybe they need to change the layout half as often as Facebook changes theirs...
    Yawn is right... but I'll still check it out. ;-)

  2. I hate to sound like a Cranky-Pants McGillicuddy, but another "social media" app? Seriously?

    How many of these is a person expected to use?

    I wonder if things are moving from "Look at the useful things we can now do, thanks to the internet" to "We have a new product and we want you to use it". I suppose it's still free for the user, so they're not selling us anything. But I'm wondering if we're running out of ideas.

  3. I spoke too soon. I should have watched the video first. I see that it's built right into Gmail. That's better. I appreciate building on something good (like Gmail) to make it better or have wider use. I like things centralized (i.e. one URL, one username/password), rather than spread over a bunch of separate apps.

  4. Sorry... One more thing: I wonder how many people will start to use this, when Facebook and Twitter are so widely used.

  5. I agree. I may play with it a bit but then what?


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