First Sunday with chairs

Here's a bunch that look guilty...

First day with our chairs so we celebrated with worship and cake.


More pictures here.


  1. Hello Randall,
    I like the chairs, they look good in that space. What did you do with the pews? I hope they went to good use.


  2. Yep, they were ply and laminate and were starting to fall apart.

    We asked who would like to give a good home to them and they were all gone quite quickly. Probably for many of those people their parents and grandparents had used them.

  3. On that note, if there are ever any pews that resurface and are looking for a good home, I would love to claim one of the pews that my parents and grandparents (and great-grandparents) used...

  4. Kristina...I have two of the small pews and would like to share one with you...with pleasure.

  5. Are you certain!? I know it's a lot to ask, but they are just so wonderful and full of memories.

  6. I am certain. It's yours my friend. Arrange for your family to come pick it up anytime.


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