Caught in the in-between

Thursday, March 18, 2010
Caught in the in-between is what we are here in The Field today.

Spring is trying it's best to arrive, but today is a bit of a blustery setback. Snowing and blowing out there this morning so we won't have spring in these parts today. But it is on it's way, promise.

In the mean time, hang in there. Do some things for your soul. Read or listen to some good music. Watch a movie or do something creative. Keep nourishing your spirit so that spring finds you in good shape.

Blustery day in the field

As for me I'm off to town to do some visiting.



  1. I like the ''nourishing your soul'' part! :)

  2. And I'm sure that when you're back from town you'll take your own advice
    "Do some things for your soul"

  3. Ah and I did indeed. Micah and I watched a comedy and then I listened to a great lecture on CBC, then tuned in some Easy Listening hits on the radio, then Lauralea returned from her class so we talked a while and I ended off the evening by eating some reheated mashed potatoes, showered, and am in bed filling in this comment form.




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