The day that was.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
was a long day.

We were at the hospital early and the surgery was booked for noon, but didn't get going till about one. The surgery took longer than expected, well over an hour, so she wasn't back in the room till 3:30pm.

She had some ongoing difficulty coming out of the anaesthetic, and getting enough oxygen into her system, so it became my job to remind her to breathe, but I doubt she will remember that. By six she was clearer yet still in and out.

So as far as we know the surgery went well, but we'll get more information in the morning when the doctor checks in on her.

Maybe if you live in the area, skip the idea of going to visit her for a couple of days. She mumbled that request as I was leaving tonight.

And thanks for your prayers and good thoughts. We appreciate them all.


  1. pass on the idea - as in yes please would love visitors, tell others...?


    pass on the idea - as in skip, no thank you to visitors kinda thing...?

  2. tell her i prayed for her today and will continue to do so

    love ya

  3. Ah I already changed it, Micah pointed it out.

    Pass as in just skip the idea.

  4. Had to come here first this morning to see how the rest of the day went. What a day! Glad it's over and hope the doctor has good news to say this morning. Take care you guys.

  5. Glad it went OK - do give her our love and wishes for a speedy recovery.


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