A Perfect Storm

Monday, March 08, 2010
Imagine that I never go into the basement bedroom used by Thomas except for late this afternoon, and imagine my freak as my socks began to soak in something covering the floor in the room.

Imagine my rush to the furnace room and seeing water running down the pipes used to heat the floors. Imagine me getting a bucket under the biggest water streams, pouring to the soaking floor.

Imagine me thinking who to call because this is the churches house and this is a complete mess. Imagine a name comes to mind and so I call and communicate our desperate need. Imagine him saying he has a boiler and heater man there right now from the city doing some work for him and that they'll be right over. Just imagine.

Imagine me finding our wet/dry shop vac in the garage and finding the parts still in moving boxes and getting the water and antifreeze sucked up pretty good out of the carpet.

Then imagine the guy coming over with the boiler fixer guy and within 20 minutes had the problem isolated, diagnosed, and broken parts replaced.

These parts of such a story just don't normally come together so nicely like that, ever. Why it's hardly even imaginable. But they did this afternoon, for us here in the Field. It could have been so very very much worse than it was, but because it was a perfect storm, the damage was limited.

Tonight the fans are on and it smells a bit damp, but it's going to be alright.


  1. The grace of God, when you needed it rather than when you didn't. I am very glad it was there for you in you time of desperation.

    May your home dry quickly.

  2. Oh, do I ever feel your pain! And the wonder of deliverance.

    We finally had a new furnace installed this winter. About a month ago in fact. Now we can wake up in the morning and co not have to run down first thing to check the boiler.

    No more water spewing out into the
    storeroom for us.

    Its like a whole new era of existence. Not sure quite how we'll live it out yet. :)


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