Some days my life feels like a Far Side comic

The other day as Lauralea and I were returning to our home from visiting someplace or another we were traveling along a gravel backroad. Up on the horizon which was near the crest of a small hill I saw what looked like the silhouette of a long line of cattle running across the road we were on.

It looked most bizarre and as we drew nearer that's exactly what was happening. 30 or 40 head of cattle had made a break for it and had broken through the fence and were hightailing it across the road and down the nice lane of a farm of some friends of ours, tearing up the driveway and lawn in the process.

The rest of the cattle initially got frightened by our approach and halted just inside the fence, watching what we were going to do. We stopped right in their way and I made a call to someone who might know who owned these dim bulbs. They watched us carefully and wanted to go with their friends too so they slowly ventured out past the fence. I honked and hollered a bit which did at first slow them down, but the rest of the herd was starting to push past the initial front and they wanted out too.

And if cattle can look guilty and full of trouble, these did. Honestly. They just wanted to sneak around our car to get to where the other rebels were. And the guilty ones who had already torn up the drive and a bit of the front yard of our friends house looked extremely guilty, like they knew what they had been doing and now the mess they had made was much bigger than their ability to talk their way out of.

And maybe that's the true comedy of Gary Larsons cartoon, The Far Side. It's so true to life, he must have lived in a field someplace, sometime.

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