The times they are a changing...

Friday, March 12, 2010
Unless you need a good excuse to sleep in on Sunday you'll need to remember that this Saturday night before you go to bed, you should advance all the clocks in your house by one hour.

Yep, it's time change Sunday again, at least in these parts.

So it's SPRING AHEAD, FALL BACK so at 10 pm move the big hand on your clock to 11 pm and there you go, you're all set to make it to church on time.

Be warned that you will need a nap on Sunday afternoon, catchup wise.

Glad I could help.


  1. Glad I live in Saskatchewan where the time stays the same all year round :)

  2. I kind of miss those fun days of waking up late for work, flying out of bed, and stumbling to work, bleary-eyed with different colored shoes on....;-)

  3. Ya...I didn't miss the time change when we lived in SK. We almost missed the first one after we moved here. But we are ON it this time :)

  4. A good reminder - clocks change on the 28th for us.


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