Tuesday _ Holy Week

The week is starting to gear up nicely already and it's only Tuesday so far.

Many of you may already know that Lauralea is heading to surgery tomorrow in hopes of having the bits of herself that cause her to bleed too much each month and thus cause a very very low iron level in her body which causes all manner of difficulties, removed. DEEEP BREATH.

Well, that was easier to explain then when the nine year old from church asked me what a hysterectomy was.


So that's tomorrow then, about noon local time if you are anywhere near your knees.

Today as her last supper, I offered her whatever she wanted. She wanted Chinese food, so it's off to the Wok an Woll (or is it roll...) for supper.

She feels like it doesn't hurt her that her surgery is in the middle of Holy Week, and I reminded her that the last time she had surgery in Holy Week was the time that Thomas came to live with us. Fond memories of stressful Easter week stuff and me with two very little girls and spring and the hospital and a boy and if memory serves, hockey playoffs. Course that Easter was a bit later in the year. May I think he was born in.

Anyway, today I was suppose to get things ready for Thursday night but I've been doing admin stuff all day so maybe I'll take the laptop tomorrow while she's in surgery.

And tomorrow by this time we'll have a bouncing baby uterus.

Ok. That was in poor taste. Lets blame stress.


  1. Tomorrow you may have a wife that has too sore a tummy to laugh at your jokes.

    Will be praying for her, have been and will continue to.

  2. Love your bad-taste jokes.

    I guess for Lauralea this will be holey week. I'll try to remember tomorrow evening - give her a hug from us.

  3. I shall pray for you both. Blessings on your head.


  4. April, I think that was. April 15th, 1990 would have been that Easter. As Thomas was born on Maundy Thursday... on April 12. Micah was born in May.

    Do you need to be reminded of the other 2 April birthdays? The favourite Son-in-law's on the 9th, and the favourite Wife's on the 24th?


  5. Big hugs and prayers sent your way. Wish I could help more.

  6. Anxiously waiting to hear how Lauralea came through the surgery. Praying....

  7. That particular "Name" was me... using my mom's computer.

  8. "bouncing baby uterus" Well-played. Been thinking about you guys today. Hugs to you both.

  9. I miss experiencing that sense of humour first-hand. Praying for Lauralea.


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