Classic FM Hall of Fame

Friday, April 02, 2010
Of course it's Easter weekend and that means that ClassicFM will be running its top 300 favourites as selected by listeners and fans of classical music.

Each day, all day (London time) they run through the best of the best until Easter Monday evening when they reach the number one spot, and it's always a bit interesting who gets that coveted number one position.

I'm not sure when I started listening to the Hall of Fame, perhaps while we lived in Winnipeg, but it has added a lovely dimension to the Easter Weekend and its a most enjoyable station to have on all weekend long.

Some of you are not into Classical music, and thats fine, then I have people to pray for… but for those of you who do like it, check out the ClassicFM site on There is a listening link there.

ClassicFM Hall of Fame.

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