A cozy night to sit round the fire.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

As the snow and wind rage across the prairie, it's good to be able to stay in and read and study a bit.

Micah and I are clearing up and I just sent herself to sit down for a bit.

Be safe this night yourself.


  1. It's 10:50 pm and it's howling up a mess out there. Three vehicles are in the church parking lot waiting for visibility enough to see the road and travel on the inch of ice now toping it.

    Yes, Lauralea made me go see if they were alright and they all are fine, with an invitation into our house if things get worse for them.

    The wind is nasty, gusting to 90 kms. And the snow should know it is April.

    Stay home, if you're in central Alberta. #2 is closed and some side roads are also closed.

  2. Wonder if this will come our way?

  3. Yup.

    I believe it may have already arrived as I heard it was raining in PA.


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