Last one to bed has to go kiss the other goodnight

Friday, April 09, 2010
Because of the incision in Lauraleas general gut area, she finds it impossible so far to climb up and into or down and out of our bed. Even with her bedside stool, she can't quite make it yet.

So, she is using a low to the ground bed, in the other room.

This results in saying goodnight with a kiss in the hallway. However tonight I think we are implementing the "Last one to bed has to go to the one in bed and kiss them goodnight" rule.

Normally that's been me, but tonight I just beat her into bed. So I, like a king, await my goodnight kiss.

Hopefully soon, before I get acustomed to having my own bathroom, she will be able to make the assent to our bed and life can return to normal.

Hopefully soon.

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  1. I wondered how on earth she was getting up into that bed...


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