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Friday, April 30, 2010
After last night fiasco I wondered if today would be worth even trying. I had a bit of stomach flu in the night and ended up not able to get to sleep till sometime after 3 am and that was just nasty. By the morning I was groggy and unsure. I headed off to the day to do my best anyway.

As Ministerial chair it was my job to plan and lead the ministerial this morning and all in all I thought it went well. Leading a meeting is something I can do, but I'm not a big one for rules and orders and authors named Roberts. I'm more of a consensus guy and a lets ask questions and talk it through guy. This morning that was fine and an accepted approach to the day. That went well and I was encouraged by the meeting.

Then this afternoon I had been asked to participate in a workshop on Spiritual Direction and I enjoyed participating in that too. It was a good conversation about the process and it was great to see some old friends and to talk together about things we are passionate about.

Then for supper I found Thomas and we went out and ate a bunch and talked a bunch and found an Orange Julius and were able to convince them to make us our old favourite, a Tropical Creme Supreme. (They don't have it on their board any longer. I suppose they think they need to be all about the healthy smoothies now.)

A good day with good friends. And the beauty is that most of my work for the weekend is done. Tomorrow it's the business part of the weekend and I can do that no problem. Then it's home to get ready for Sunday.

Oh and the coolest part of the day? The church building we had rented for the meeting this morning was a beautiful baptist building and as I entered the space, I saw my cousin, Brad, and my worlds began colliding inside my head. Family world and pastor/church worlds ran smack into one another. We saw one another and began doing mental callisthenics sorting out our surprise. Turns out this is the church in Calgary where he works. Like I said, it was really cool and we had a few minutes to talk and catch up and connect. A highlight to the day.

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  1. Glad it's going well, sounds like a healthy mix of reflection, conversation, worthiness and family - should set you up for Sunday !


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