Thomas 20.0

Monday, April 12, 2010
Today Thomas joined the ranks of the 20 year olds, so that makes three of our kids in that range.
Now that is hard to believe.

He's living down in Calgary right now, working at Safeway, making his way in life. Sorting things out, living in community, taking some good pictures, you know, just doing life.

Happy Birthday Thomas.
Hope your day got better and better.

You can check out his pic's here.


  1. wow, that must make you......old

  2. :p @ Marcella

    Congrats to Thomas. Ben still hasn't launched yet, although he's also got an expensive car habit to feed, and was to spend 6-8 weeks in NZ/Aus in Sept this year.

  3. A love of photography - wonder where he acquired that?


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