To the person who hid small Cadbury Creme eggs throughout my office

Thursday, April 08, 2010
Thank you.

It's been an enjoyable week coming across them and then, eating them.



  1. Thankyou, whoever you were, for doing what I couldn't.


  2. Hiya!!
    Sister-in-law and I hid a bunch of eggs last weekend complete with a bunch of clues. Ellie and Kez, Jenn and Fiona and the other cousins had a great time. We are having fun, and now especially as the weather is feeling like summer is here; well spring at least:)
    Keep enjoying those little yummy eggs Randall! We miss all the Cdn people; Toni, will we get to see you and Chris?

  3. What? You don't believe in the Easter Bunny?

  4. If so then the easter Bunny has some mighty fine droppings.

    HEY JANET!!!!! Is the accent coming back in force?

    Lauralea got a huge easter egg hunt ready for Micah before she went into the hospital. Then Sunday morning she sent him off on the hunt. She figures he shouldn't be left out just because he's the last one around here.

    Thanks Toni.
    I ate one egg today and I thought of you.

    Sort of an eggommunion.

  5. That reminds of the time my cousins, my sisters, and I had an Easter egg hunt outside on the farm. My uncle hid them pretty good that we were still finding them a week later. Or the one time we had an Easter egg hunt at my aunt and uncle's place. That same uncle hid them and hid some in the butter.

  6. The eggomunion of the saints? :)

    Janet - I don't know. Phil and I didn't finalise anything, timing wise. We're away 26.6 to 10.7 and M&D are here early-mid August. You be welcome to visit if that works out.


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