Yes that is a punch fountain in the church.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Big banquet here tonight.

Raising some money for a small struggling town in the jungles of Ecuador.

This is cool.


  1. VERY cool. The amount we can do with our excess is staggering.

    (I'm back to the world of blogging - started up again for our trip and had forgotten how much I loved it).

  2. Ah welcome back Christy.

    I miss your surprise/bump into visits to the town I live in.


  3. I miss it too. Have a good friend living there now, so I've been up twice since Feb and wish we could meet at the Bison.

    If I knew where the field was, it's possible I could find it, as my sister's new inlaws live somewhere in that neck of the woods :)


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