Tuesday, May 18, 2010
About plus 30 C I believe... for May 18th no less.

Sheesh my office is making me sweat.

But lots of the seeding is getting done, and we sure could use a day or two of RAIN.

Tomorrow Lauralea is off to cloudy, wet, cool Victoria BC to visit a friend and later on connect with Johanna for a day or so. And Micah and I shall be left to fend for ourselves here in the field.

Thankfully it looks like the temperature is dropping for the rest of the week or else we'd be doing all our cooking in the church basement where it's much more liveable than our kitchen.

Which is handy that it's so close.

Anyway, I need to check on things for a funeral here tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday.

And if you are anywhere near a slurpee place, drink one for me.


  1. Every day Hillary and I take turns walking accross the street for a slurpee run....its hot up here too....but Praise the Lord for the 711

  2. Well, it was +33 in Saskatoon today. So I don't feel bad for you.

  3. 30C! A cold December day on Guam. I suppose it's all relative. :-)

    We've been running about 30C in Arizona this week -- a few degrees cooler than normal for this time of the year. When it gets this low here you can open the windows and turn on a fan or two. Not too many basements to be found in AZ.

  4. It was 19'C, maybe 20'C here yesterday, according to the car thermometer. We have to pay lots of money to enjoy heat like you have there.


    But seriously, one of the things that makes heat harder is coming from somewhere cold without time to transition properly, and it doesn't seem that long ago you were talking snow. Take care, guys, and wish Laura a good trip from us.

  5. :)

    Yep I think you have something there Toni.

    And I hear she's already having a good time out there.


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