Mr. Monochrome Man

So aparently I got up early this morning, put on my black socks, my dark grey boxers (yes boxers. And I was going to add some comment about the boys needing room but I'm not going to go, put on my black Tshirt, black jeans, black dress shirt, and of course there were my black shoes later.

Halfway to town it dawned on me how pathetic my closet has become, and how hot this outfit was going to be today.

So after my first meeting I raced over to Walmart, heading straight to the mens shirts, and with 40 minutes to shop, bought four non black, mostly short sleeve shirts. Oh and a pair of shorts. So I suppose I'm ready for summer.

I just need to figure out the shorts thing. I dispise shorts with black socks and sandles or even worse, black loafers. So I don't know how to wear them. Professionally I'm not even sure i should be wearing shorts. But if I could get the shoe thing figured out, then maybe.

So yeah 30 minutes and I'm Mr. Bring on the summer.

At least it shouldn't be as warm as black is.



  2. Well that make me feel almost, ... holy.

  3. Shorts - wear deck shoes or trainers with short white sports socks or no socks at all. Or wear sandals without socks: sandals should never be worn with socks unless you're an Oxford Don, smoking a pipe and also wearing a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches.

    The one other combination is combat-style shorts, which may be worn with hiking boots and thick, gore-tex based socks.


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