Today I returned a jacket to Old Navy

Sunday, May 02, 2010
Me: "I need to return this jacket I picked up earlier this week."

Young blond girl behind the counter: "Any reason for the return?"

Me: "I'm... middleaged."

Young blond girl behind the counter: giggle giggle.

Me: "Exactly."

Young blond girl behind the counter:
More giggling.

She didn't even try to convince me differently to keep the sale.
It's hard getting clothes you like and can wear without looking like you're trying to look young when you're middle aged.

I suppose it only gets worse.


  1. You returned it without even taking a picture? Now I am curious.

  2. I agree with Linea. No picture?

  3. I just bought a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars (you know, the old canvas basketball shoes). I've been worrying about looking like I'm trying to look younger, too. But I'm wearing them, so it's too late to return them!

  4. I don't care really - at the moment I just buy the clothes I like.

    Went through a 'too old to rock'n'roll, too young to die' type crisis about 15 years ago. Then I took a look at the kids around me and decided they weren't up to much, so I would just keep doing what I enjoyed.

    Would I choose to dress like a teenager now? No.

    Would I still wear funky trainers, wild teeshirts and inappropriate sunglasses? Sometimes.

    It's still weird to wear shirts out of choice outside of work, although age is starting to settle upon me a little. To quote a fried, I want to grow old disgracefully.

  5. Yeah no pictures.

    It was just a sports jacket but it was made of canvas and turned out to be less than flattering.

    The other side of it is that I don't want to dress older than I need to either. No need to rush into things.


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