A weekend of carrying memories

Friday, May 21, 2010
As the wind and the rain continue to beat a beautiful rhythm against my office window and we have small water puddles forming on the ground as we enter day two or three of a slow rain, my heart is grateful.

This weekend is the weekend each year that is soaked with the memories of life changing events for me and my family, and for many of you.

This was the weekend my dad received two liver transplants, one year apart, that enabled him to get past his 50's and nearly midway through his 60's. It's the weekend in which my Grandfather died of cancer and right after the weekend, Grandma died and went to be with him. It's the weekend my brother married the redhead of his dreams and they now have two boys.

And it's a weekend when some of you have known difficult times and loss as well.

Funny how one weekend can get so emotionally built up over the years so that it hosts so many memories.

Anyway, all that is to say that today is kind of a holy day for me as I carry these memories for myself, my family, and for you out there. Carrying them the only way I know how, in prayer.

I know that though some of these memories are painful and that time has it's own way of shifting memories around. For today I am content to say that all is well.


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