Done. Finally.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Today began 18 hours ago with the guys early prayer, and ended late tonight attending a reception for a missions organization in Edmonton. It was a good day, people wise, but it sure was spread out a good deal.

Sometimes I feel out of touch here, at least with the rest of Christendom. The needs of the local church are unique to this place, and that can be so different than the church in the city. Oh the core needs for love and relationship are the same, but the how that's done is different here.

Going to places and meetings with the broader church help re-balance me nicely.

So it was a good, effective day here in the field. Tomorrow? Tomorrow I'll try to remember the good results of today, and lumber forward.

And for tonight I am exhausted.
So goodnight internets.

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  1. Sleep well my friend. Wake refreshed this morning.


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