Getting better

Sunday, June 06, 2010
All through the day today the audio slowly has been returning to my right ear. This is good.

Sometimes I can still hear the babbling brook sound and the shrill noise is still there, but a bit less.

So I am grateful.

Lauralea is home and Johanna has come home to visit for a week, so this week is looking a good chunk better.

For now I am tired. Micah and I hit the newest Apple store and played with iPads this afternoon. Then we went to a TacoBell and ordered the family pack of tacos and ate tacos till they were coming out of our ears. Good times.

Now to bed.

Night internets.


  1. There's your problem. You have tacos in your ears!!

  2. Nicely done, Deb.

    Glad to hear about the returning auditory capability.

  3. That would explain the grease stain on your pillow...

  4. SO glad to hear that the ear is getting better! Thought there should've been mention made of that prayertime on Sunday...Yes, taco in ear, bad! :)

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