I am so ready for tomorrow

Thursday, June 24, 2010
Well, midst a week wherein I've been away for a few evening meetings and have had a kind of huge fight or misunderstanding with Lauralea, and it's been crazy hot in my office, and the pastor of youth and families resigned and moved on, and the anniversary (If those things are called that) of my dad's death, it seems I have another meeting tonight.

All this on a week when I was suppose to lead a retreat that was about contemplation and reflection and prayer, but we had to cancel it due to lack of interest. Yeah, I know.

So tomorrow I am taking the day I had reserved for retreat work and I am going on my own self directed retreat. No I won't tell you where it is, but it will involve things that make me think bigger thoughts and heal a bit, and do some writing and reading.

So bring on tomorrow already. I'm all ready for it.


  1. I was just reading today of a person who takes a MONTH each summer to put herself in a place of solitude so that she can regroup. In my life, a month is impossible; 30 minutes seems like a gift. So, yes, go away, retreat, and may God be deeply found.


  2. I was just thinking..."go on your own retreat and contemplate, reflect and pray"...and then I read the rest. Be blessed tomorrow...and every day, but hopefully a little extra blessing tomorrow.

  3. I was thinking of you having to lead that thing this weekend after a busy weekend and week, so I'm glad you're able to do get the time for yourself to be still.


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