"Sometime I can't feel God and that makes me think that it's forced and fake"

Dear: ________________

You're never a bother, so we can strike that lie off the list right away.

When it's time for God to take you to a new level, he lets go of your hands, just a bit. Like a parent teaching his child to walk. The child doesn't like the feeling of being alone, standing there under their own power, unsure of things, and they start to cry. For us too when God is teaching us to stand up and walk through life, he sometimes lets go of our hands just for a second, to encourage us to begin to walk and relate to him on more grownup levels.

To us it feels like he isn't anywhere around, and the lies we hear are just shots at that insecurity sent during those moments of vulnerability. But the truth is he's right there and acting on faith that he's there isn't a lie, or fake. That's faith.

That muscle of faith will grow and grow and you and him will go deeper as a result. Just because we can't feel him doesn't mean he isn't there. If that were the case then our faith would be built on the subjectivity of feelings, but it's not. It's built on trust and his work on our behalf, and it's built on our history together.

If you go into sin and it feels like a big separation between you and him, then yes he'll let you know that is the problem. But when you are just living life and it feels like he's not close all of a sudden, thats where your faith can grow and soon you'll see that he was there all the time.

This faith can grow to the point of you being in great storms in life when all is swirling around you and you haven't "Felt" God for days, but you are anchored to him beneath the rough waves of life. That faith will get you through many tough times, trusting him when your surroundings say otherwise. Seems like he is in the process of growing that in you a bit. That can be a tough thing, but it's also good.

So keep walking the direction you were moving in when you last heard him speak. And trust him, grow faith, and ignore the lies that tell you it's fake or unreal. When you learn to trust him it will grow like a big safety net and you'll feel better daily, even when you can't feel him.

I'm praying for you and you should pray too even if your head says it's pointless, stretch the faith a bit more. And it's always good to get others to pray for you because there is deep power in that.

Take care out there.



  1. Encouragement one needs to hear.....thank you for that. Thank you for praying.

  2. Did you write this to me?

    (You could well have.)

  3. well written blog. Im glad that I could find more info on this. thanks

  4. I'm sure this could have been written for most of Christendom at one time or another. We're not as unique as we like to think we are.

    But good thoughts to write down all the same - thanks for taking the time to post them up here, Randall.

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  7. I can remember feeling like this, many a night.


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