I used to dislike my big ears

Wednesday, June 02, 2010
I am suppose to be on the road to Calgary by now, for my most recent visit to the Life Together House there. However, it seems that I have developed a bit of a strange health situation. Strange because it never happens to me.

During the day yesterday over the length of the day I began to loose my hearing in my right ear. That troubles me quite a bit because I never have problems with my ears. Well at least the hearing bit, I could have used smaller ears when I was younger.

It seems to have continued to get worse through the night to the point where I can only detect heavy sounds in that ear. I don't feel sick in any other way so it has an effect in me that troubles me more emotionally than physically I think. Listening is important to me and I think I'd rather go without sight than without hearing.

And the whistling that now fills that ear with noise is enough to make me crazy. It's even worse when I'm sitting in silence because it fills the silence with shrill squealing noises.

Like I said, it's bugging me more emotionally than physically.

So instead of being on the road to Calgary where I am booked to listen with people, I am scheduled for the Doctor this afternoon and hopefully he can tell me it's all just a temporary thing and I can pull myself back from all the paths my mind is racing down as I sit in this noisy silence.

If you can spare a thought or a prayer, that would be a generous gift to me.

And so in the meantime with Calgary rescheduled to tomorrow and Friday, I'll spend time here getting things ready for Sunday. With a planned power outage in The Field this afternoon, I'll need to type like a crazy person, before the computer and lights and water well and garage doors all cease to work.


  1. Hey Randall,

    If the doctor has no answers check with a massage therapist. There are a number of muscles in the neck that are connected to the hearing apparatus - tightness or pinched nerves in the neck can cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or the sensation of the ear being blocked. This happens to me occasionally.


  2. Wax perhaps? Especially if you don't feel ill.

    Saying a prayer for you now that it will all get sorted out today.

  3. Good idea Sylvia, I hadn't thought of that one yet.

    And Linea I did my semi annual ear wax removal and washing out a week or so ago. I'm wondering if that is connected to the problem.

    Hopefully we'll see this afternoon.

  4. Tinnitus it is, and yes, I'd think having your ears syringed recently is almost certainly what's brought it on. Hopefully nothing worse than water in the wrong place and a mild infection. I went through a time when I couldn't put my head under water because I'd lose hearing and get excruciating pain: wrote 5 days of a holiday off one year, all through a careless dip in the hotel pool.

    Hope it IS temporary, and you're better soon.

  5. Yes, will definitely pray for that to go away quickly. Those ears are a mighty big part of what you do. Though, I must say, I always find it MORE frustrating when the doctor has no cure other than "give it time". Take care!

  6. Thinking of you, and praying that the anxiety subsides.

    Maybe the anxiety is a middle-aged type thing - I'll tell you about my feet sometime...

  7. Indeed, I think it would be good to hear about your feet.

    I agree, I think it's partly about middle age happening. When you are younger the whole world seems open and nothing, not even your body gives indication of being a hinderance to life. But a lifetime of experience and reality not to mention wear and tear on the old frame, make you think twice after you clear the hump.

    The Doctor wasn't much for help in terms of immediate help.

    The ears look clear of any wax or anything else that might find it's way in there. There is no infection, no indication of irritation, nothing that might give an idea of the problem.

    The eardrum looks good and from there out all systems are go.

    Now the Eu-something tube might be blocked, but go home for two weeks and see what happens.


    I'm going to need a dose of patience for the people around me. I just hope I can put up with all the sharp noise and squealing I hear in place of the silence.

    And, I hope I can still do my work without great distraction by it.

    So if you are nearby and call me and I ignore you, don't take it personally.

    …hmm, maybe there are a few upsides to this affliction.

    Thanks for caring.

  8. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  9. Eustacian tube (think of Euston Station).

  10. That's exactly what I thought of when he said it but he didn't get it when I said it outloud.

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